The Purposeful Banker Awards

The Purposeful Banker Awards honor the best in the industry. You can’t build a brand, team, and relationships without people who are truly dedicated the purpose of the bank.

Meet the 2017 Purposeful Banker Award Winners


Chief Pricing Officer of the Year 

Andy Max

First National Bank of Omaha


Lender of the Year

Ashley Naquin

Woodforest Bank


Perserverance Award 

Dennis Powers

First Midwest Bank


Up and Comer Award 

Dustin Minarchick

CNB Bank


Trophy Deal of the Year 

Trevor Lewis

Los Alamos National Bank

Nominate a Purposeful Banker in 2018

Trophy Deal of the Year

This relationship manager was able to bring in one of those career defining deals. It was a big loan, to a big customer, and they had to fight to win it.

Perseverance Award

A.k.a. The Rocky Balboa Award. The winner of this award didn’t give up on a competitive deal even though it looked hopeless. Because of their grit, they won the deal adding to the success of the bank.

Lender of the Year

The Big Kahuna. Based on some combination of all of the other categories, this was the relationship manager who rocked 2016. Their performance, attitude, and ability to form well-meaning relationships added immensely to the success of their bank over the past year.

Most Creative Award

This relationship manager shows the best ability to come up with creative solutions for their borrowers. Meaning, they don’t take the out-of-the-box, cookie cutter approach to structuring a loan. Instead, they foster conversation with their customer that leads to uniquely structured deals and are able to win several of those deals directly because of that creativity.

Up & Comer Award

Banks everywhere are looking for ways to improve performance and continue growing. Part of that process is finding new talented relationship managers. The winner of this award is a relative newcomer who’s showed tremendous growth and potential during 2016.

Nominations for 2018 will open in January.


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