Presentation Gallery

Relive the presentations from 2016 by watching the sessions or by downloading the slides.


Opening Remarks

Carl Ryden—CEO/Co-Founder at PrecisionLender

Dallas Wells—EVP Banking Strategies at PrecisionLender


The Power of Purpose in Business and Life

Roy Spence—CEO/Co-Founder at The Purpose Institute


As A Leader: Putting Purpose into Practice

Lisa McLeod—Founder at McLeod & More


Think Small, Not Big

Andy Max—Director of Pricing Strategy and Performance at First National Bank of Omaha


Moving From Defense to Offense

Greg Demas—SVP, Director of Retail Banking at Popular Community Bank


Architecting the Customer Experience

Mike Bosworth—Founder of Mike Bosworth Leadership and Story Seekers


How to Build a World Class Culture in 3 Easy Steps

Mikey Trafton—Co-Founder at Rent Rebate


Making Truly Meaningful Change – Why It’s Worth the Pain (Panel)

Andy Heusel—SVP, Director of Strategy at Hancock/Whitney Bank

John Tull—Treasurer and SVP, Director of Strategic Finance at Union Bank and Trust (Richmond VA)

Kyle Koelbel—SVP, Treasurer at Rabobank


What Does All of this Mean for YOUR Bank? (Panel)

Sean Doherty—President of Asset Management Group

Jill Castilla—President, CEO and Vice Chairman at Citizens Bank of Edmond

Todd Classen—Moody’s Analytics Director-Solutions Specialist